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Tree Services

Since 1983, Tree King Inc has been honored to provide professional tree services to the northern NJ area. With over 40 years of experience, trust our skilled team to get the job done right.


Our strength comes from our relationships with our customers and we look forward to assisting you time and time again with your tree needs.


While delivering exceptional results, our team takes great pride in their craft. It shines through with the care and professionalism they put into their approach to each project.


Tree Removal 

Dead or dying trees can pose a danger to people, property, and our community as a whole. Signs that a tree is dangerous and should be removed can vary from species to species. And they can present as a variety of symptoms depending on the issue. 

Common Signs A Tree May Need Removal:

  • Lifted roots or heaving soil

  • Leaf discoloration or loss

  • Brittle or dead branches

  • Visible wounds such as cracks 

  • Mushrooms (fruiting bodies) on trunk, limbs or branches 
  • Large hollow cavities on trunks, limbs or branches

  • Damaged Roots

Regularly pruning your trees is an essential part of tree management that requires precision and planning. Tree pruning can reduce the spread of pests and disease, encourage more robust growth, and reduce the risk of falling hazards to maintain the safety of your property.

Proper tree trimming promotes new healthy growth, keeps your trees uniform, and reduces overgrowth and excess vegetation debris. Our te can provide expert knowledge on trimming techniques and schedules that will benefit the trees and your property the most. 


Tree Trimming & Pruning 

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