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Tree Removal Services

There are many reasons a tree may need to be removed from your property. Tree King, Inc. is often hired to remove dead trees that are at risk of falling, trees with declining health, trees that have been damaged in a storm or trees that have grown too close to a house, telephone wires, pools, and other risky areas. Our team of expert tree cutters specialize in hazardous and complex tree removal.

Trees are just as different as people. They grow in slightly different ways and stand out due to slightly different features. As a result, every tree removal calls for a different approach. But no matter the circumstances nor the method, trust Tree King, Inc. to get the job done safe. 

Tree Removal Techniques:

  • Bucket Truck Removal:

Bucket trucks, also referred to as cherry pickers, lift workers into the air to easily remove the tree in sections rather than having to climb the tree to remove it. Bucket trucks are extremely useful in the removal process if there are hazardous signs such as cracks or decay. 

  • Crane Removal:

We own and operate our own crane to assist with difficult tree removal. Removing trees with a crane can cut down on labor time while decreasing the impact to the surrounding land and property. If there is sufficient access to the tree, our bucket operator will assist with the crane removal. If there is not enough space for our bucket to fit, our climber will assist the crane to remove the tree safely. 

  • Climbing Removal:

In areas that cannot be accessed by our bucket trucks, we have skilled climbers to get the job done. With the use of climbing gear, our climbers are able to safety remove the tree in sections and lower pieces down to the ground. 

  • Aerial Lift Removal: 

Our aerial lift, also referred to as a spider, is a self propelled bucket. This piece of equipment plays a key part when a tree is too dead to climb, but cannot be accessed with our bucket truck. This piece of equipment allows us to still complete the removal in a safe manner.  

Storm Damage

When extreme weather strikes in Northern NJ, our professionals are ready to respond. 

In the aftermath of a storm, our first step is to assess the damage and then dispatch the proper crew based on your needs, including climbing crews, bucket crews, crane crews and cleanup crews.


Our diverse resources and extensive experience ensure your emergency will be handled properly, and we assisted hundreds of customers in the aftermath of historic Hurricane Sandy in 2012. We work with insurance companies to record and document the damage caused by fallen trees and limbs.

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